Depositing with Bitcoin at Bet365

Bet365 Currently doesn’t allow deposits via bitcoin, as such you will have to use an alternative site such as the highly recommend cloudbet

Cloudbet has over 1,000 top casino games and 1,000s of sports markets they will double your crypto deposits!


Bet365 are one of the biggest sports books in the world. They offer their services to millions of active players worldwide and have gained a reputation as being one of the firmest and most honest casinos and sports books in the industry.

Bitcoin is a decentralised currency which users love as it charges very tiny amounts of commission and it’s easy to send between friends or family semi-anonymously.



Did you know it’s possible to deposit to your bet365 account using Bitcoin? although bet365 don’t directly accept Bitcoin deposits it’s entirely possible to send money from your Bitcoin wallet to your bet365 wallet.

First of all you need to open a neteller account. This is completely free to do and is available in almost all countries worldwide. However, it is not available in the USA unfortunately. A neteller account is simply a virtual wallet and works in a similar way as PayPal. It is completely secure and your details are encrypted. Neteller is basically the PayPal of the gambling world asĀ  it allows you to send and receive funds to almost every single gambling site on the planet. If you do not have one and you like to place bets online you really need to think about getting one anyway. You are charged fees for every withdrawal you make from neteller and you can even get a MasterCard debit card to withdraw funds straight from your neteller account to an ATM.

Once you have your neteller account setup simply login and click on the deposit link. Here you should see Bitcoin as a deposit option. Then simply send your Bitcoin funds to the address listed. Now you can go to bet365 and make a deposit using neteller.


Although you can’t directly withdraw to Bitcoin wallets either from bet365 or neteller you can use a service similar to local Bitcoin in order to transfer money from neteller or PayPal to a individual user who will then send you Bitcoin’s.