Play at Pokerstars Using Bitcoin!

Did you know you can fund your pokerstars account using bitcoin? read on below to find out how. But first we highly recommend checking out the site above. You can claim a whopping 5btc casino and sportsbook bonus when signing up to cloudbet! It’s the internets best crypto gambling site and they have gained a reputation as being the best and most reliable site around! Earlier in the year one lucky player even won a 170btc progressive jackpot!

Pokerstars Don’t Directly Accept Bitcoin

First of all you should know pokerstars don’t directly accept bitcoin! This means if you go to the pokerstars cashier you won’t see an option to deposit using your bitcoin funds. This is mainly due to the volatile cost of bitcoin and the very strict regulations these sites have to abide by.

How to get Bitcoin to Pokerstars

To make a bitcoin deposit to pokerstars first signup for a neteller account. Neteller is a wallet system similar to paypal buit dedicated to gambling transactions. Almost every poker room and casino accepts neteller. However, there may be some restrictions for example many countries aren’t compatible with neteller so you may have troubles signing up through them. For example players in the USA cannot create an account (they also can’t play on pokerstars or bet365). Once you have signed up you need to verify your account by sending in copies of your passport or utility bill. This is done to prevent fraud and to comply with money laundering regulations.

Once you are signed up to neteller go to the deposit options page. Here you can fund your account like you would do with paypal. Most of the options include things like credit/debit cards or wire transfer. There should also be a bitcoin option. Clicking on this will take you to a page which will allow you to generate a bitcoin address to send funds too. From your bitcoin wallet simply send funds to the address shown. It may take a few hours to arrive depending on how much network traffic there is. Neteller may also need to approve the deposit but this is usually done automatically. Due to the fluctuating rates of bitcoin you should double check the exchange rate with neteller before depositing.

pokerstars banking

Once your funds are in neteller you can then go and deposit to pokerstars. Open up the cashier and click on deposit. You should see a neteller option. Enter your email and passcode and click deposit and you are done! You have successfully sent bitcoin funds to pokerstars. Of-course you can send any crypto funds such as ether too, simply using a bitcoin exchange to transfer crypto in to bitcoin then send this on to neteller

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Further info

So, as you can see it’s entirely possible to deposit funds from bitcointo your pokerstars wallet even if the procedures is a bit long winded. However we highly recommend checking out cloudbet above, they are a dedicated crypto gambling site and you can deposit funds directly to the site without the need for a netreller account. If you are depositing to pokerstars I highly suggest you just use a credit/debit card. Trying to deposit with bitcoin won’t allow you  to skip ID check or gamble from illegal countries as pokerstars check the identity of all their customers. Also if you deposit bitcoin to neteller they will also check your identity to comply with anti money l;sundering regulations. Furthermore if you deposit with a credit card to pokerstars your money is protected, using bitcoin opens you up to many scams and phishing attempts so make sure you read and understand how to secure your bitcoin, there are a lot of reources out there. Make sure you use a service like protonmail to keep your email secure and never use the same password twice. Always use 2fa when it is offered (including on pokerstars)