888 Bitcoin

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Did you know you can deposit funds to your 888 account using bitcoin?

In this article I will show you how but before we get started why not checkout Cloudbet? Using the links on this site you can claim 50 Free spins to try them out and if you then wish to make a deposit you can get an incredible 5btc deposit bonus!

Who are 888?

They are one of the longest running casino and poker rooms on the web. They’ve been operating since the dawn of the web and operate many casinos, bingo rooms and poker sites. 888 sports many top sporting events and are one of the most recognizable brands out there. They run their own customer poker network with 1,000s of players online at any one time

888 bitcoin

What is a bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized p2p currency system. Users can download wallets to their PC or mobile devices to send and receive funds for low fees. Bear in mind bitcoin is not for the feint of hear, you will often see the price surge or drop by huge amounts in a matter of days! Big bitcoin users should store their funds in offline wallets such as a ledger, this is a much more secure method of storage as bitcoin is a very high target for hackers due to the anonymous nature of the currency

Getting Bitcoin

Users can buy bitcoin using an exchange. For those in the UK and most of the World coinbase is a good option. However, you should always do your research before doing any transactions and sending money to any exchange. Never store money on an exchange as they are a frequent target of hackers and you  may find your money going missing. Once you have your money on an  exchange you should send it direct to whoever you wish to get the money to or withdraw it to your own wallet

Getting Bitcoin to 888

First of all you need to setup a neteller account. This is a system similar to paypal but they work with gambling sites. Once you have your neteller account setup and verified simply add bitcoin funds to your neteller wallet by following the instructions on the website. Once your funds have been processed simply login to your 888 account and you will be able to send funds direct from neteller!

Other Crypto Currencies?

As we have learnt it’s pretty easy to get bitcoin to 888 poker or casino. It’s also pretty easy to get other crypto currencies to the site too. For example if you hold funds in ether or liteocoin (even dogecoin). First of all you need to convert from this crypto currency to bitcoin. You can do this using an exchange, as mentioned earlier we won’t recommend them directly as they are a dime a dozen. Do you research and find an exchange with high liquidity (this means lots of people are exchange coins at this site and you will easily be able to buy/sell). Once you have found one of these sites then make a deposit from your chose crypto currency to the exchange. Now you have funds on the exchange you can sell them for bitcoin, make sure you research the best way to go about doing this so you get the best price. Once you have finished this process and have your bitcoin simply withdraw it to your bitcoin wallet so you can deposit it to neteller as mentioned above.

What can I play at 888?

The great thing with 888 is they have such a huge range of great games from sports to casino and poker. The casino site contains 1,000s of top casino games ranging from blackjack and roulette to slots and video poker. New players can claim various welcome bonuses so checkout the 888 website for more info. Once you have deposited your  bitcoin to neteller and wish to deposit it to 888 for a welcome bonus make sure that 888 give out bonuses if you deposit using neteller (as some don’t)

888 sports is very popular, they offer sports betting on a range of top sports ranging from football to horse racing. They also offer a great welcome bonus to new customers in the form of treble odds on your first bet i.e. if you place a bet at odds of 3.0 and it wins they payout at 9.0 As with the casino offer above you should read the terms carefully to make sure you are eligible if you deposit with neteller.

888 poker is a massive and independent poker room. They offer poker with various formats such as Holdem or Omaha and Casino or Tournaments. 888 also run lots of live poker events around the world

Did you know you can play casino games on 888 directly from your browser? gone are the days where you have to download clunky software in order to get playing your favorite casino games! Nowadays all you need is a modern browser such as Firefox or chrome and you can be playing instantly. 1,000s of top slot games are available to play instantly! Furthermore 888 have over a dozen different software providers which means no matter what your favorite style of slot game there will always be one to chose from at 8888! If you are on the move then why not try the 888 mobile apps ? available for IOS and android devices (just make sure you download the games on WiFi if you have limited data on your mobile device). Nowadays more and more games are getting designed for mobile devices including HD graphics and super fast downloading times. You can play all sorts of slot games from your mobile devices including progressive jackpots all the way to traditional one armed bandit. Ofcourse its not just slot games you can play, old school casino games are also available at 888 such as blackjack and roulette and ofcourse video poker!

888 is one of the best online casinos around, they have the best customer support and will give you assistant 24/7