Are they safe?

When playing at a Bitcoin casino there are several things you should take into consideration.

First of all check their reputation on sites like Reddit and Bitcoin talk, a search for the brand name should bring up at least a few results from happy players. It’s all too easy for a casino to run off with your money so even if they have a great reputation you should always check that they are active on social media sites. Reddit is a good source as its frequently updated and the people that post on Reddit are very technical savvy.

Never keep money on a casinos site, when you have finished playing withdrawal all the money in your account but your wallet. There is no reason why these payments should not be processed instantly, unless you have an active bonus. Since there are no fees involved when withdrawing money is always safer to keep money on your own wallet while then a casinos. You never know if I casino will go out of business overnight, especially a Bitcoin one. Also with the amount of government interference you never know if a site will get pulled down by the American government.

Each site should post their game statistics including details on how games, is determined. They should be able to prove that the scheme is 100% there in the way they determine how much more how little you when. This can be done by using random number generators on the client computer or something random like your Bitcoin hash address.

Many sites also show incoming transactions, these can be faked on the homepage of a website but dig deeper into the transactions, make sure they are legitimate and recent. Any site which makes the amounts of incoming transactions is obviously a red flag. Most sites will also display recent winners, course these can easily be faked to. So clicking through on the latest winners should display some evidence that they have been paid out.

Just because a casino is powered by Bitcoin does not mean there aren’t real people behind it. If you are depositing money anywhere you want to be assured of good customer service, so always see how they handle support requests either by emailing them or contacting them on social media. Any casino in a world should have a social media presence nowadays. See how they interact with other customers and also check to see if they have fake followers or they have purchased likes on Facebook. This is a surefire sign that they are not a legitimate company.