Deposit to Ladbrokes using Bitcoin

Did you know you can use bitcoin to deposit to ladbrokes? or any other casino for that matter? Read on to find out how. If you are looking for somewhere to play with your bitcoin we highly recommend cloudbet above. They are a bitcoin dedicated casino and sportsbook with the biggest welcome bonus in the industry, check them out today and get 50 free spins and a massive 5btc welcome bonus!

Who are ladbrokes?

Ladbrokes have been around in the UK for over 100 years, they are one of the most popular online casino and sportsbook but they started of life on the British high street. At the moment they have 1,000s of sports betting shops up and down the country in almost every town center! Ladbrokes offer a full range of sports betting from football to golf. But the most popular product is probably their online casino. Offer games from slots to the more traditional games of roulette and blackjack. Welcome bonuses vary depending on which part of the site you signup to but whether you take a bonus or not you will be guaranteed a fair gaming experience!

What is Bitcoin?

No one is entirely sure who invented bitcoin but it has taken the internet and financial industry by storm. It started of life as a financial transaction provider when someone used it to buy pizza at a rate of less than 10c per bitcoin. Nowadays it’s been worth as much as $20,000 and has made many people very rich. It is a peer to peer currency which means you can send and receive funds from anyone in the world within seconds using a digital wallet. It’s easy to create your wallet and there are many apps and software solutions out there, just make sure to do your research!

Buying Bitcoin

This process can seem overwhelming for first time bitcoin buyers. First of all you need to find an exchange you feel comfortable on. Do your research and find a fully reputable exchange in your country that is legal and can take your payment method. I don’t recommend any one exchange on this site as they are constantly closing and it’s imperative that you find one that works for you!

Once you have found an exchange you wish to use and have made your purchase of bitcoin you must MUST make sure you withdraw bitcoin from the exchange, never EVER leave bitcoin on an exchange as not only is this a  security risk (i.e. if someone hacks your account you will lose all your bitcoin) but many exchanges have done an exit scam in which they claim bankruptcy and run of with peoples funds

Getting bitcoin to Ladbrokes

First of all you need to signup to neteller, this is an online wallet system similar to paypal but made for gambling sites. Once you have a neteller account it can be funded with bitcoin! Then the next step is simply to login to your ladbrokes account and deposit using the funds in your neteller account. There are ofcourse some restrictions for example neteller don’t allow users from certain countries such as the USA

888 Bitcoin

Did you know you can deposit funds to your 888 account using bitcoin?

In this article I will show you how but before we get started why not checkout Cloudbet? Using the links on this site you can claim 50 Free spins to try them out and if you then wish to make a deposit you can get an incredible 5btc deposit bonus!

Who are 888?

They are one of the longest running casino and poker rooms on the web. They’ve been operating since the dawn of the web and operate many casinos, bingo rooms and poker sites. 888 sports many top sporting events and are one of the most recognizable brands out there. They run their own customer poker network with 1,000s of players online at any one time

888 bitcoin

What is a bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized p2p currency system. Users can download wallets to their PC or mobile devices to send and receive funds for low fees. Bear in mind bitcoin is not for the feint of hear, you will often see the price surge or drop by huge amounts in a matter of days! Big bitcoin users should store their funds in offline wallets such as a ledger, this is a much more secure method of storage as bitcoin is a very high target for hackers due to the anonymous nature of the currency

Getting Bitcoin

Users can buy bitcoin using an exchange. For those in the UK and most of the World coinbase is a good option. However, you should always do your research before doing any transactions and sending money to any exchange. Never store money on an exchange as they are a frequent target of hackers and you  may find your money going missing. Once you have your money on an  exchange you should send it direct to whoever you wish to get the money to or withdraw it to your own wallet

Getting Bitcoin to 888

First of all you need to setup a neteller account. This is a system similar to paypal but they work with gambling sites. Once you have your neteller account setup and verified simply add bitcoin funds to your neteller wallet by following the instructions on the website. Once your funds have been processed simply login to your 888 account and you will be able to send funds direct from neteller!

Other Crypto Currencies?

As we have learnt it’s pretty easy to get bitcoin to 888 poker or casino. It’s also pretty easy to get other crypto currencies to the site too. For example if you hold funds in ether or liteocoin (even dogecoin). First of all you need to convert from this crypto currency to bitcoin. You can do this using an exchange, as mentioned earlier we won’t recommend them directly as they are a dime a dozen. Do you research and find an exchange with high liquidity (this means lots of people are exchange coins at this site and you will easily be able to buy/sell). Once you have found one of these sites then make a deposit from your chose crypto currency to the exchange. Now you have funds on the exchange you can sell them for bitcoin, make sure you research the best way to go about doing this so you get the best price. Once you have finished this process and have your bitcoin simply withdraw it to your bitcoin wallet so you can deposit it to neteller as mentioned above.

What can I play at 888?

The great thing with 888 is they have such a huge range of great games from sports to casino and poker. The casino site contains 1,000s of top casino games ranging from blackjack and roulette to slots and video poker. New players can claim various welcome bonuses so checkout the 888 website for more info. Once you have deposited your  bitcoin to neteller and wish to deposit it to 888 for a welcome bonus make sure that 888 give out bonuses if you deposit using neteller (as some don’t)

888 sports is very popular, they offer sports betting on a range of top sports ranging from football to horse racing. They also offer a great welcome bonus to new customers in the form of treble odds on your first bet i.e. if you place a bet at odds of 3.0 and it wins they payout at 9.0 As with the casino offer above you should read the terms carefully to make sure you are eligible if you deposit with neteller.

888 poker is a massive and independent poker room. They offer poker with various formats such as Holdem or Omaha and Casino or Tournaments. 888 also run lots of live poker events around the world

Did you know you can play casino games on 888 directly from your browser? gone are the days where you have to download clunky software in order to get playing your favorite casino games! Nowadays all you need is a modern browser such as Firefox or chrome and you can be playing instantly. 1,000s of top slot games are available to play instantly! Furthermore 888 have over a dozen different software providers which means no matter what your favorite style of slot game there will always be one to chose from at 8888! If you are on the move then why not try the 888 mobile apps ? available for IOS and android devices (just make sure you download the games on WiFi if you have limited data on your mobile device). Nowadays more and more games are getting designed for mobile devices including HD graphics and super fast downloading times. You can play all sorts of slot games from your mobile devices including progressive jackpots all the way to traditional one armed bandit. Ofcourse its not just slot games you can play, old school casino games are also available at 888 such as blackjack and roulette and ofcourse video poker!

888 is one of the best online casinos around, they have the best customer support and will give you assistant 24/7


Betfair Bitcoin

Did you know it’s entirely possible to fund your betfair account using bitcoin? even dogecoin or any other random crypto currency! Read our guide below to find out how!  Or even better why not join cloudbet using the links above, you will get a 5btc match when joining! (yes, 5btc!) and they have 1,000s of live sporting events and hundreds of casino games!

What is betfair?

Betfair started life almost 2 decades ago as a sports betting exchange. This means unlike a traditional sportsbook you are betting against other players rather than the house. This means you get much better odds. The house make their money by taking a commission on every winning bet.


But it doesn’t end there with betfair! They not only run the most successful betting exchange on the planet but they also have a traditional sportsbook, some may ask why have a normal sportsbook if you have an exchange? well a sportsbook offers some extras that an exchange can’t such as multiples on any sports markets and the abilities to go e/w on horse racing etc. Also there is no fear of lack of liquidity on a sportsbook (i.e. you don’t need someone to match your bet before it’s placed)

betfair bitcoin

What is Bitcoin

Now over a decade old bitcoin is a P2P crypto currency. No one is entirely sure who started it but it’s gone on to revolutionize the payment industry. Users can send coins to each other almost instantly from anywhere in the world. Bitcoin wallets are available for all devices from PC to android. We highly recommend when searching for a wallet to  do your own research, make sure it has encryption and offline storage. It’s always best to use a device such as a trezor to store your coins, failing that a paper wallet is a good alternative. Never leave your money in an online wallet system as they will often run of with your coins and are very prone to hacking. The great thing about bitcoin is the opensource community has come out to make some great products to make bitcoin a lot easier and user friendly, there are some super simple wallet systems out there to use

Buying Bitcoin?

First of all you need to buy bitcoin. You should do you research on which exchange to use thoroughly. I am reluctant to recommend one here as they frequently go ‘bust’ or simply run of with users money. This isn’t to say there aren’t legitimate exchanges out there but you need to be wary.  Furthermore you should NEVER  keep your money on an exchange. Once you have bought bitcoin store it in an offline wallet.

If buying bitcoin using a credit or debit card you may often be asked by your bank to verify the transaction, some banks have now be known to block all crypto related gambling transactions. This is due to the large amount of fraudulent transactions (not as some conspiracy theorists may have you believe is because the banks are afraid of bitcoin!). Also when using a credit card due to how easy it is to do charge backs exchanges are very cautious with who they deal with, you will need to verify your ID (this means sending in copies of passport etc) though this will apply regardless of whether you use credit card or bank transfer etc.

I Have Bitcoin, How do I get it to Betfair?

First of all you need to setup an account with Neteller. Neteller is a wallet based system similar to paypal but for gambling sites such as ladbrokes. It’s free to setup but you must be over 18.  Certain countries are excluded such as the USA so always read the terms and conditions. You may need to send in ID to verify your account (but don’t worry they are totally legit).
Once you have your neteller wallet setup go to ‘add funds and select the bitcoin option. You will then get a unique bitcoin address which you can use to send funds to. Simply open your bitcoin wallet and send the desired amount of funds to that address. We don’t recommend sending directly from an exchange.
Now you have your funds on neteller (they may take an hour or so to appear). Go to the betfair website and login to your account. Click on the banking option and go to deposit. You should then see the neteller option assuming it’s a valid option for your country.

buy bitcoinbuy bitcoin

What about other crypto

To get other crypto funds to betfair you need to take a similar route, but first of all you need to use an exchange such as binance to convert your crypto currency to bitcoin. This is a pretty simple process, but as above you should do your research on which exchange to use, see sites like and see which exchanges are available for the crypto you wish to exchange. Once you have found an exchange simply signup and send your chosen currency to the site. Do your research on the site first and do send a couple of smaller test transactions. Also check to see if the site has enough volume to make your trade. Lots of smaller crypto currencies get very little trading volume and some of the small exchanges only get a small % of that so double check that you’ll be able to offload your crypto currency. Once you have traded it for bitcoin then simply send it back to your wallet (as I have stated many times above don’t leave it on the exchange, ever)

If,for whatever reason Betfair or NEteller are unavailable in your country checkout cloudbet at the top of this page. They accept players from all over the world.


Click here to join BitKong

BitKong is a popular online casino game aimed at crypto currency gamblers. Currently they only accept bitcoin deposit but the great thing is this game is 100% provably fair and has a tiny house edge. Furthermore you don’t even need to create an account just click the relevant links on the homepage and your account is auto created using random details (if you wish). If you still don’t want to do that you can simply find the bitcoin deposit address and send funds to get started right away.

Unlike traditional casinos there isn’t a selection of games to play, infact, there is only one! It’s a pretty simple game in which you ‘pick a box’ and try to work your way up the ladder. You can cashout at any time(if you pick a winning box) and the further you make your way up the pay ladder the more you win. You can also adjust settings so you either have a 1 in 3 or 2 in 3 chance of winning each round (which ofcourse changes how much you win)

Bitkong Register

Registering is easy with bitkong and highly recommended if you wish to come back at a later date. By doing so using facebook you can also claim free credits to test out the site (100 coins are given out each hour or to new facebook registrants). This means you can deposit bitcoin funds to bitkong and come back at a later date to play with them.

The great thing about bitkong (and the reason it has become so popular) is because it’s provably fair. Unlike traditional casinos where you have to rely on them not to cheat with bitkong you can view the results in the block chain.

Although the site only accepts deposit by using bitcoins you can change the currency within the game. This means it’s easier to see how much you are wagering in USD or your local currency.

How to Deposit To BitKong

Since Bitkong is a bitcoin only website then you will need to somehow get funds from your bank account to bitcoin right? This is a relatively simple process if you have some technical knowledge. First and foremost you will need to signup at an exchange, we don’t recommend any single exchange on this website due to the fact they are constantly closing or moving. Do your own research on bitcoin exchanges and make sure it’s one you trust. After you have found one simply make deposit using one of the methods available, this might be bank transfer or credit card depending where you live. Once you have Bitcoin you can generate a new bitkong deposit address and sends funds from your exchange to bitkong. Remember you should never keep funds on an exchange, always keep it in your offline wallet. The same applies to Bitkong, make sure you withdraw funds from the site rather than leaving it on there in case they go out of business or your account gets hacked.

Other Bitcoin Options

Did you know if you have bitcoin you can deposit to almost any casino or sportsbook out there (assuming you live in a valid country and are of legal age). For example by using bitcoin you can deposit to other wallet systems and send money which can then be sent to the casino or sportsbook. We have written many guides on the subject so you don’t have to limit yourself to bitkong or other bitcoin dedicated casinos. Why not try the award winning 888 casino and sportsbook? or bet365, they are one of the worlds biggest sportsbooks and are known all over the world

Bitkong Pros and Cons


  1. The game is provably fair.
  2. Small house edge means more money goes back to the players
  3. claim free coins by registering
  4. refer a friend system


  1. Only 1 choice of game to play


Bitcoin Slot Machines 2019

Where to play Bitcoin Slots

This is a list of our current recommend casinos and sportsbooks, all of which offer a top range of casino games and some of the best casino bonuses around. All thee sites are setup to accept crypto so you can get started instantly!





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5BTC Match


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Playing Bitcoin Slot Machines

Playing with bitcoin slot machines is no different to your usual casino slots. You signup the same way with the only difference being your deposit method. Many of the mainstream casinos such as bet365 don’t directly accept bitcoin but we have guides written up to help you with this. To get started visit the cashier section of your chosen website and click on deposit bitcoin, you will then be given a unique bitcoin address with which you can send funds from your bitcoin wallet. Depending on the casino this transaction will show up in your account almost instantly but will vary depending on how many verification they need. Furthermore some casino may need to verify your ID which is pretty standard.

Once you have your bitcoin loaded on to your favorite bitcoin casino it;s time to load your favourite slot machine. When you have found one that takes your fancy load it up and check your balance. Some casinos will convert your funds to USD to make it easier to manage your gambling while others keep your balance in BTC, always double check the bet sizing if using a BTC balanace as you may accidentally bet too much or too little.

Bitcoin Slot Machines are available on both desktop and mobile devices. I find it easier to play on desktop machines as this is what the games were originally designed for. However, more and more bitcoin slots are getting designed for mobile devices which look great, especially on tablets such as iPad.

Terms and Conditions

Remember when playing at a new casino that you read and accept the terms and conditions especially if you accept a bonus. First and foremost most casinos will offer bonuses but they come with certain terms such as wagering requirements and game exclusions. A bitcoin casino is no different. When you signup and deposit bitcoin to your new casino and claim  a bonus you will have certain wagering requirements to hit, this means you must play a certain amount before withdrawing any winnings. Also some games may be excluded such as roulette or blackjack, this is entirely dependent on the casinos so always be sure to double check.

Bitcoin Casino India

With over a billion people it’s no surprise the gambling industry in India is growing so far, but with various laws and restrictions in the way it can be pretty difficult for Indian gamblers to make deposits to gambling websites. Bitcoin is a great way to get around these restrictions. Find out how you can use bitcoin to deposit to popular sites such as bet365 or better still checkout some dedicated bitcoin casinos and sportsbooks that will happily accept your money directly.

Bitcoin Casinos and Sportsbooks India





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Getting Bitcoin

The best option for those looking to buy bitcoin is coinbase. You can signup instantly and buy bitcoin using credit/debit cards or bank transfer. Due to the nature of bitcoin you may be asked to verify your account. To do this you may have to upload a copy of your passport or ID. Once done you can easily buy various crypto currencies. My best advice when doing this is to NEVER store money on coinbase, store your money on a secure wallet on a secure machine or USB key. Exchanges are constantly being hacked or closing down and you will have no recourse if someone runs of with your bitcoin.

Spending Bitcoin

Once you have your bitcoin it’s time to decide where to play, below we have a list of sites reedy to accept bitcoin players with some huge welcome bonuses. Most of them accept Indian players but this is constantly changing so check the website for the latest terms and conditions.

Deposit to Bet365 from India

This doesn’t just apply to bet3365 but pretty much any casino or sportsbook.. It’s entirely possible to get your bitcoin to bet365 but it can be time consuming and there may be fees, also withdrawing money will not be able to go back to your bitcoin wallet, as a result we suggest using the options above. If you still wish to deposit to bet365 then you first need to setup a neteller account. Neteller is wallet system similar to paypal but for gambling transactions. Signing up only takes a few seconds but as with coinbase you may have to verify your ID. To fund your netller account you can use bitcoin! This is done by generating a unique address via the neteller website and sending it from your wallet. Once you have money in your neteller wallet you send deposit to bet365. This is done by logging in to your bet365 account and visiting the cashier. Bear in mind using a neteller account to deposit to bet365 or any other site may make you ineligible for welcome bonuses (always read the T&CS). Furthermore any winnings you get from bet365 will be withdrawn back to your neteller wallet. You will not be able to withdraw from neteller to bitcoin (only deposit). As such you need to either withdraw funds from neteller to your bank account or apply for a neteller debit card, either of these options has fees as mentioned it’s best to use a dedicated bitcoin casino like the ones above.

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a peer to peer currency which is completely decentralized. Initially built over 10 years ago as a way for people to send money without interference from a middleman. Since then it has grown to become incredibly popular as it’s value rose from less than 1c to it’s peak of over $20,000! Nowadays it is used for people all over the world to send and recieve money with minimal fees. It’s ideal for people in poorer countries who don’t trust their countries banking infrastructure or for people looking to deposit to poker rooms or casinos without using traditional credit or debit cards. In india it’s very easy to use bitcoin. Simply create an account with coinbase and then make a transfer using your bank or credit card in order to buy bitcoin. Once you have your bitcoin you can old on to it in the hopes that it increases in value or use it to shop online or even deposit to sites such as cloudbet to make wagers on casino or sportsbook games

Bitcoin Gambling in India

Although gambling is a grey area in much of India the emergence of bitcoin has made it much easier to deposit funds to a casino or sportsbook. You no longer need to risk a deposit using your credit card or go through the lengthy bank transfer process. By using a site like cloudbet you have full access to 100s of top casino games without the need for a credit card. Furthermore there are hundreds of top poker rooms you can play at. Many banking systems in India will block anything gambling related so bitcoin is the ideal way to get your funds online. Since most banks don’t block translations to bitcoin exchanges they won’t then realise you are sending money to a casino. Remember you need to check with your local authority as to the legal status of bitcoin gambling status in your state. If you do send money to a casino using bitcoin you may not have any recourse if things go wrong, for example if you deposit and a casino closes down with your money then it’s a lot harder to retrieve your funds than if you went to a legal and licensed casino. By using a system like neteller you can use bitcoin to deposit to licensed poker rooms such as pokerstars or online casinos such as bet365. This is much safer than using an unlicensed casino where you don’t know who owns it or if they will simply run of with your money.

What about poker

If you wish to play poker in india using bitcoin your best bet is to use a system like neteller. Simply signup for a new account and you can fund it with a bitcoin deposit. You can then use funds in your neteller wallet to deposit to pokerstars. Neteller is a system very similar to paypal in that they are  wallet system but designed especially for online casino and a poker rooms. Remember to check that neteller is legal in your local area as it;’s not available in many countries such as USA. Alternatively you can use a dedicated bitcoin poker room such as the ones listed on the top of this page

Bitcoin Casino USA

Gambling with bitcoins in the USA is entirely possible, there are a lot more restrictions on where you can play than people based in Europe for example. Since black friday several years ago USA based players have faced heavy restrictions on where and how they can deposit funds to an online casino or sportsbook, this has the unfortunate (but predictable) side effect of dodgy operators popping up to offer their service to american customers.

Bitcoin has made depositing and withdrawing fucds to casinos much simpler and easier than using a credit card. After all if you decide to deposit to a casino using your credit card it will get flagged as a gambling transaction and then declined (assuming you are based in the USA). By using bitcoin the transaction won’t go via your bank so you can send it to anyone at any time.

Due to the nature of online gambling in the USA there are only a few reputable sites (and lots of dodgy ones). There is a real lack of decent sports betting options since cloudbet closed there doors to USA customers just over a year ago but we have listed a few sites below which we have found to be trustworthy. They all accept bitcoin or other crypto currency and will pay back to the same method. Most importantly they accept USA based players.

Getting your Bitcoin

The first hurdle most people come up against is actually getting their hands on bitcoin, to do this you will first need to setup an account with an exchange. The most popular at the moment (and for the last few years) is coinbase. You can setup an account pretty quickly (though you may be asked to verify your ID). To buy bitcoin you can use credit/debit cards or if that fails (and it often does depending on your issuer) you can do a bank transfer which can take a few days. Once your funds have arrived you are free to do with them what you want, you can send them to a sportsbook/casino or hold on to them and hope for a bull run!

Storing your Bitcoin

if you aren’t going to send your bitcoin to a casino straight away then I highly recommend you store it in some kind of wallet. Leaving your money on coinbase or any exchange is a bad idea. Even though coinbase is highly reputable there are always going to be security concerns with any web based service, for example if you fall for a phishing scam or someone gets access to your email then they may also be able to access your coinbase account and withdraw your funds. Also exit scams are rife in the crypto industry, this is where an exchange builds up a large amount of storage of customer’s funds then they shutdown and run of with the lot! This won’t necessarily happen with a big site like coinbase but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

There are plenty of offline bitcoin storage options. I recommend investing in a ledger to store your private keys too.

Bitcoin Casinos in the USA

So, here are our list of recommended casinos for USA players wishing to deposit with bitcoin. Any questions or reviews please leave them below! Remember you should always check with your local authorities to  check on the legal status of online gambling in the USA. For the past decade it’s been a grey area with many online casinos and poker rooms shutting down operations to American citizens. The most famous examples being poklerstars which lost a massive part of their operation on black Friday when the FBI shutdown their poker room operations. Although there are now states which are legalizing onljne gambling it still varies largely state by state and which casinos actually accept players.

Bitcoin Poker in the USA

Probably the most highly sought after gambling options in the USA since the closure of pokerstars over a decade ago. Since the shutdown of pokerstars to USA players it’s been increasingly difficult for USA players to deposit to poker rooms (despite being home to the invention of poker and some of the biggest poker rooms in the world). However there are a few dedicated bitcoin poker rooms available, these can be seen at the top of this page. Depositing bitcoin to these poker rooms is very easy, you can simply transfer directly from your bitcoin wallet or from an exchange such as coinbase. Remember not to keep any funds on an exchange for any length of time as they are liable to shutdown at a moment notice and you will have no recourse to get your funds back.

Bitcoin Casinos USA

Despite being home to vegas, the single most popular gambling destination in the world! It’s very hard for American players to deposit funds to online casinos but since bitcoin came along it’s been made a bit easier. See the list of sites at top of this page for example. Remember to check with your local authorities to check on the legal status of crypto gambling in your state. Remember that a lot of these crypto gambling sites don’t operate in the USA and are licensed in other jurisdictions this means you may have little recourse if something goes wrong. By using bitcoin to deposit to online casinos you can play anything from slots to blackjack and more. We recommend cloudbet as they are a very reliable site and have been around for years. Bitcoin is a great  alternative to trying to use your credit cards to deposit online, for the most part it’s much safer as you know exactly how much you are sending, when using a credit card you don’t know who is snooping or how your credit card details are going to be stored by the casino, further more you don’t know how much the casino has charged you until you get your statement.

Deposit Bet365

Bet365 offer a variety of methods to deposit funds to your account depending on where you live. For example those in the UK have the widest range of deposit options (after all bet365 is a UK company) whereas other countries may be a bit more restricted due to licensing and financial regulations.

* Exclusive – Try out CloudBet (The Worlds Biggest BitCoin Casino) with 50 Free Spins *

Bet365 Bitcoin

Although bet365 do not directly accept bitcoin we have written a guide on how you can deposit funds from your bitcoin wallet directly to your bet365 account. It’s a pretty simple processes and certainly isn’t the fastest but if you have crypto currency you want to gamble with then you will be hard pushed to find a better site to do  it at.


PayPal is one of the internet’s leading payment processors. Almost everyone will have heard of them. A few years ago they were strictly anti gambling and would routinely block accoutns of anyone even thought to be connected with online gambling. Nowadays they are much more relaxed with players in certain countries allowed to deposit and withdraw funds at will. Currently bet365 only accept paypal payments from players in the UK with a few more coming soon. You need a verified paypal account and just be aware that any winnings from bet365 must be withdrawn to the same deposit method which means you could have a large amount of money ending up in your paypal account if you hit a big win.

Credit Cards

A very popular method for most countries. Depositing using a credit card is usually instant. However even as a customer you may be hit with some fees, for example your credit card provider may charge you a fee for depositing to any gambling sites plus any interested charged as a result. Usually a gambling transaction is treated as a cash withdrawl which incurs immediate interest. The good thing is credit cards are protected from fraudulent transactions so if your details are stolen you have great payment protection. You will also need to make sure your account is fully verified with any casino before making a deposit. Due to high levels of charge backs most gambling sites have to check your ID before taking any funds from credit cards.

Debit Card

Very popular in the UK due to lower transaction costs than a credit card. Depositing is quick and it’s also easy to recieve any winnings back to your card and as such bank account.


A Wallet system similar to paypal but for gambling transactions. Users can get a debit card to make ATM withdrawals. Fees are charged to the casino rather than the end users but bare in mind as a user you do get charge for currency conversions and every time you use your neteller debit card.


Allows you to buy vouchers in shops. You can then use  these vouchers to deposit to bet365. This is a great way to deposit cash to the casino but you still need to verify your identity to the casino. You can then withdraw money to your bank account.

Bank Transfer

Usually used for big transactions. bank transfers can take a long time to complete though generally in the UK they are near instant. Those outside the UK may have to wait up to 5 days for their transaction to reach bet365 but for the high rollers it’s the safest and most convenient way to move large sums of money.


Cloudbet has been around for a number of years now, they have gained a good reputation as one of the premier online bitcoin betting sites. They offer games from a range of top casino vendors which you would expect to find on sites like bet365. They are licensed and regulated so your money is safe and secure.

One of the great things about cloudbet is the huge welcome bonus on offer. Players can claim a deposit match of up to 5btc! This is released in stages as you earn points and start unlocking your bonus! cloudbet doesn’t just offer casino games they have a wide range of sports betting on offer too from football to horse racing and everything in between!

click here to visit cloudbet

Depositing Bitcoin to Cloudbet

Depositing is easy with cloudbet, simply signup and create a new account using the links on this website and go to the cashier. You can then generate a special deposit address which you can use to send funds from. Remember before sending any funds to double check the bitcoin address. It’s also a good idea to do a full antivirus and malware scan as well as getting rid of any old browser plugins to ensure the bitcoin address hasn’t been hijacked! Depositing may take a few minutes depending on how busy the bitcoin network is and how many verification need to take place before cloudbet approve your deposit! Ofcourse when you are ready to make a withdrawal this is also done by bitcoin, simply visit the cashier again and click on withdraw. Make sure your bitcoin address is correct and click submit. Cloudbet may need to verify your ID, this is standard and done by all legal casinos.

Cloudbet Casino

Cloudbet features some fantastic games from vendors such as NetEnt which not only offer their games to cloudbet players but also dozens of other top casinos on the internet including william hill, bet365 and pokerstars. NetEnt release new games almost every month with some fantastic features and bonus rounds on offer. Players at cloudbet have even hit some big progressive jackpots up to 170 bitcoins in value!

Cloudbet casino games are available on desktop and mobile devices. Personally I find it easier to signup using a desktop machine before logging in to play on mobile. Cloudbet have many casino games that have been specially designed just for mobile devices such as Android and IOS.

Cloudbet Sports

If casino gambling isn’t your thing then cloudbet has a ton of sports betting markets available. You can  also claim a massive welcome offer when you make your first bitcoin deposit at Clodubet. There are many markets on offer every day including inplay betting so you can bet on the latest football or major sporting events. Sports bets can be made on desktop or mobile devices. The site works particularly well on tablets such as IOS .

Cloudbet Pros

  • Easy to signup and deposit
  • massive welcome bonus
  • Can deposit using crypto
  • Legal and licensed
  • Lots of casino games
  • Mobile and desktop sites
  • Full sports betting site
  • High Limits

Cloudbet Cons

  • They may need to verify your ID
  • Deposit bonus is only unlocked after wagering

Play at Pokerstars Using Bitcoin!

Did you know you can fund your pokerstars account using bitcoin? read on below to find out how.

But first we highly recommend checking out cloudbet. You can claim a whopping 5btc casino and sportsbook bonus when signing up to cloudbet! It’s the Internets best crypto gambling site and they have gained a reputation as being the best and most reliable site around! Earlier in the year one lucky player even won a 170btc progressive jackpot!

Pokerstars Don’t Directly Accept Bitcoin

First of all you should know pokerstars don’t directly accept bitcoin! This means if you go to the pokerstars cashier you won’t see an option to deposit using your bitcoin funds. This is mainly due to the volatile cost of bitcoin and the very strict regulations these sites have to abide by.

How to get Bitcoin to Pokerstars

To make a bitcoin deposit to pokerstars first signup for a neteller account. Neteller is a wallet system similar to paypal buit dedicated to gambling transactions. Almost every poker room and casino accepts neteller. However, there may be some restrictions for example many countries aren’t compatible with neteller so you may have troubles signing up through them. For example players in the USA cannot create an account (they also can’t play on pokerstars or bet365). Once you have signed up you need to verify your account by sending in copies of your passport or utility bill. This is done to prevent fraud and to comply with money laundering regulations.

Once you are signed up to neteller go to the deposit options page. Here you can fund your account like you would do with paypal. Most of the options include things like credit/debit cards or wire transfer. There should also be a bitcoin option. Clicking on this will take you to a page which will allow you to generate a bitcoin address to send funds too. From your bitcoin wallet simply send funds to the address shown. It may take a few hours to arrive depending on how much network traffic there is. Neteller may also need to approve the deposit but this is usually done automatically. Due to the fluctuating rates of bitcoin you should double check the exchange rate with neteller before depositing.

pokerstars banking

Once your funds are in neteller you can then go and deposit to pokerstars. Open up the cashier and click on deposit. You should see a neteller option. Enter your email and passcode and click deposit and you are done! You have successfully sent bitcoin funds to pokerstars. Of-course you can send any crypto funds such as ether too, simply using a bitcoin exchange to transfer crypto in to bitcoin then send this on to neteller

pokerstars bitcoin

Further info

So, as you can see it’s entirely possible to deposit funds from bitcoin to your pokerstars wallet even if the procedures is a bit long winded. However we highly recommend checking out cloudbet above, they are a dedicated crypto gambling site and you can deposit funds directly to the site without the need for a neteller account. If you are depositing to pokerstars I highly suggest you just use a credit/debit card. Trying to deposit with bitcoin won’t allow you  to skip ID check or gamble from illegal countries as pokerstars check the identity of all their customers. Also if you deposit bitcoin to neteller they will also check your identity to comply with anti money l;sundering regulations. Furthermore if you deposit with a credit card to pokerstars your money is protected, using bitcoin opens you up to many scams and phishing attempts so make sure you read and understand how to secure your bitcoin, there are a lot of resources out there. Make sure you use a service like protonmail to keep your email secure and never use the same password twice. Always use 2fa when it is offered (including on pokerstars)

About Pokerstars

Pokerstars has been around for almost two decades, they have built a reputation as being the biggest poker room on the net. They have so many players that sites like party poker can’t compete when it comes to liquidity. Since their inception they have grown by offering top customer services and a huge range of games. They also offer a lot of offline events such as the EPT in Europe and also sponsors pro players at the WSOP. Pokerstars isn’t without it’s controversies as they were the biggest sites to get shutdown by the FBI during black Friday when American players were forced of the site, more recently they were bought out by amaya (which subsequently closed down full tilt poker), since the buyout amaya have been desperate to recoup the huge buyout costs and have introduced a casino and many other casino options design to separate the recreational players with there money. Many poker pros have left the site including Victoria coren. As a result pokerstars have reduced the amount of poker options and tournaments run less frequently but they continue to push their sportsbook and casino options on new and existing players. However due to their massive monopoly over online poker few other poker rooms have yet to come close to having their player pools and sizes. Therefore if you want to play in a big tournament with a big prize pool of you want to play a cash game with high limits you are stuck with pokerstars,

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a p2p crypto currency  system. It allows you to send and receive money to anyone in the world with minimal fees without interference from 3rd parties or governments. Although bitcoin isn’t  anonymous which many people think it is still a popular currency for sending and receiving money to poker rooms and other gambling sites in jurisdictions where gambling is a grey area. Remember you should always check with your local authorities to ensure that you can legally gamble or use bitcoin. Although most countries aren’t too bothered about people using bitcoin you may also be subjected to taxes if you profit from bitcoin.

Buying bitcoin is easy and can be done via exchanges such as coinbase. You simply need to signup and deposit funds using a bank transfer or credit/debit card. You can then instantly purchase bitcoin or other crypto currencies such as ether instantly. Once this is done you can either hold on to your crypto currency in the hopes it rises in value or use it to deposit to a poker room such as pokerstars.. Ideally you should store your bitcoin offline using a paper wallet or USB key. This is to  ensure no 3rd party has access to your funds. Leaving your money on an exchange is very d dangerous as it means someone may be able to hack your account or the exchange may simply run of with your money as has happened many times in thee world of crypto currencies.

About Neteller

Neteller is a popular wallet system, it’s kind of like paypal but for gambling sites. You can also send p2p payments to other neteller users. Neteller is a needed resource in order to get bitcoin from your bitcoin wallet to your pokerstars wallet. Once you have setup your neteller account it’s very easy to deposit. Simply go to the deposit option in your neteller account and select bitcoin. You can then generate a new bitcoin address from which you can send funds from your bitcoin wallet. You can send funds directly from your exchange which is advisable if you have just made a deposit to buy bitcoin but remember you should never keep your bitcoin on an exchange for any length of time. Once you have funds on your neteller account you can deposit to almost any gambling site. Just remember you need to be in a legal country to use neteller, some countries such as USA cannot use neteller. You also need to be 18+. Also the site which you use to deposit from neteller too also needs to be ion a legal country. You will be asked to verify your ID on both neteller and the new casino you deposit too (including pokerstars). A  further thing to bear in mind is that some casinos or poker rooms don’t give  bonuses to customers that deposit with neteller so always check the T&Cs first.