Benefits of using bitcoin to deposit to sportsbooks

When you are betting on sports you are always looking for a way to maximise the experience. Researching player history and form might be your thing. It might be that keeping an eye on the weather makes your bets the best. Realistically though, if you really want to make the most of the betting experience, then you should try Bitcoin deposits. The volatility of the online cryptocurrency added to the risk of the bet gives you a double whammy experience. Yet, there are lots more reasons why using Bitcoin deposits is better – here are just a few.

The first and foremost reason for using Bitcoin to deposit to Sportsbook is the lower fees in comparison to traditional currency better. Not only do you gain the security and privacy of using Bitcoin but also save money along the way. As there is no entity behind Bitcoin, i.e. a bank, you Bitcoin transaction cannot be rejected. It is an open ledger that means every user of the currency has equal power over its use. This means it is easy to buy and move Bitcoin – with no oversight – so no blocking by third parties.
Bitcoin also takes security incredibly seriously. There are built-in safeguards against theft, fraud, third party infringement and identity theft. Bitcoin also hold the Sportsbook accountable to good practice. If they do not uphold specified standards then they are blacklisted. This means if you are betting in Bitcoin you can be sure that standards of customer care, service and protection have been scrutinised. Better still, you do not enter the details of your credit card – which can leave you vulnerable to an open-ended access to nefarious others. Instead you type in your bitcoin address and the private and public keys. It is highly unlikely that a hacker would be able to gather all the information – or guess it – to access your bitcoin. Most private keys are created as random cryptographic sequences – almost completely un-hackable.
Another advantage of using Bitcoin to deposit on Sportsbook is the speed of transactions. If you gain a big win in traditional currency it can take up to two weeks for the money to hit your account. With Bitcoin, you gain a big win and the digital currency is going to be available to you almost immediately. You are looking at an average 4-hour withdrawal time – mostly for the sake of scrutinising the bet and not for the transaction of the currency. The average time for a deposit to reach your account on a Sportsbook site using Bitcoin is 4 – 6 minutes. Imagine how important this is if you see an opportunity last minute to bet on the outcome of a game – you can get in there quick before the opportunity passes.

So, in short, depositing to a Sportsbook site using Bitcoin allows you low fees, no third-party oversite, anonymity, high security and quick transaction times. There is no other single way to enhance your betting experience than using Bitcoin.