Bitcoin Casino USA

Gambling with bitcoins in the USA is entirely possible, there are a lot more restrictions on where you can play than people based in Europe for example. Since black friday several years ago USA based players have faced heavy restrictions on where and how they can deposit funds to an online casino or sportsbook, this has the unfortunate (but predictable) side effect of dodgy operators popping up to offer their service to american customers.

Bitcoin has made depositing and withdrawing fucds to casinos much simpler and easier than using a credit card. After all if you decide to deposit to a casino using your credit card it will get flagged as a gambling transaction and then declined (assuming you are based in the USA). By using bitcoin the transaction won’t go via your bank so you can send it to anyone at any time.

Due to the nature of online gambling in the USA there are only a few reputable sites (and lots of dodgy ones). There is a real lack of decent sports betting options since cloudbet closed there doors to USA customers just over a year ago but we have listed a few sites below which we have found to be trustworthy. They all accept bitcoin or other crypto currency and will pay back to the same method. Most importantly they accept USA based players.

Getting your Bitcoin

The first hurdle most people come up against is actually getting their hands on bitcoin, to do this you will first need to setup an account with an exchange. The most popular at the moment (and for the last few years) is coinbase. You can setup an account pretty quickly (though you may be asked to verify your ID). To buy bitcoin you can use credit/debit cards or if that fails (and it often does depending on your issuer) you can do a bank transfer which can take a few days. Once your funds have arrived you are free to do with them what you want, you can send them to a sportsbook/casino or hold on to them and hope for a bull run!

Storing your Bitcoin

if you aren’t going to send your bitcoin to a casino straight away then I highly recommend you store it in some kind of wallet. Leaving your money on coinbase or any exchange is a bad idea. Even though coinbase is highly reputable there are always going to be security concerns with any web based service, for example if you fall for a phishing scam or someone gets access to your email then they may also be able to access your coinbcase account and withdraw your funds. Also exit scams are rife in the crypto industry, this is where an exchange builds up a large amount of storage of customer’s funds then they shutdown and run of with the lot! This won’t necesarily happen with a big site like coinbase but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

There are plenty of offline bitcoin storage options. I recommend investing in a ledger to store your private keys too.

Bitcoin Casinos in the USA

So, here are our list of recommended casinos for USA players wishing to deposit with bitcoin. Any questions or reviews please leave them below!