Benefits of using bitcoin to deposit to sportsbooks

When you are betting on sports you are always looking for a way to maximise the experience. Researching player history and form might be your thing. It might be that keeping an eye on the weather makes your bets the best. Realistically though, if you really want to make the most of the betting experience, then you should try Bitcoin deposits. The volatility of the online cryptocurrency added to the risk of the bet gives you a double whammy experience. Yet, there are lots more reasons why using Bitcoin deposits is better – here are just a few.

The first and foremost reason for using Bitcoin to deposit to Sportsbook is the lower fees in comparison to traditional currency better. Not only do you gain the security and privacy of using Bitcoin but also save money along the way. As there is no entity behind Bitcoin, i.e. a bank, you Bitcoin transaction cannot be rejected. It is an open ledger that means every user of the currency has equal power over its use. This means it is easy to buy and move Bitcoin – with no oversight – so no blocking by third parties.
Bitcoin also takes security incredibly seriously. There are built-in safeguards against theft, fraud, third party infringement and identity theft. Bitcoin also hold the Sportsbook accountable to good practice. If they do not uphold specified standards then they are blacklisted. This means if you are betting in Bitcoin you can be sure that standards of customer care, service and protection have been scrutinised. Better still, you do not enter the details of your credit card – which can leave you vulnerable to an open-ended access to nefarious others. Instead you type in your bitcoin address and the private and public keys. It is highly unlikely that a hacker would be able to gather all the information – or guess it – to access your bitcoin. Most private keys are created as random cryptographic sequences – almost completely un-hackable.
Another advantage of using Bitcoin to deposit on Sportsbook is the speed of transactions. If you gain a big win in traditional currency it can take up to two weeks for the money to hit your account. With Bitcoin, you gain a big win and the digital currency is going to be available to you almost immediately. You are looking at an average 4-hour withdrawal time – mostly for the sake of scrutinising the bet and not for the transaction of the currency. The average time for a deposit to reach your account on a Sportsbook site using Bitcoin is 4 – 6 minutes. Imagine how important this is if you see an opportunity last minute to bet on the outcome of a game – you can get in there quick before the opportunity passes.

So, in short, depositing to a Sportsbook site using Bitcoin allows you low fees, no third-party oversite, anonymity, high security and quick transaction times. There is no other single way to enhance your betting experience than using Bitcoin.

Using Bitcoin With William Hill

If if you have landed on this page you are probably trying to work out if you deposit neteller to William Hill sports book and casino. Currently willhill do not accept neteller as a deposit method but there are a few ways around this. In this quick guide you through the various options to getting your money into the site.

Option one

The best option is to deposit to a casino and sports book which readily accepts bitcoin deposits. For the best option see the advert at the top of this page, you can claim a one bitcoin deposit bonus and not only that they accept multiple other virtual crypto currencies. They are  the  most reliable bitcoin dedicated casinos around. Another reason to use this site is because  is that your winnings cab be withdrawn instantly back to your wallet. Furthermore signing up is a lot easier than doing so at William Hill.

Option two

Create an account at the neteller which is an online wallet system. You could use bitcoin to fund your neteller  wallet then use your neteller  wallet to deposit to William Hill. This is quite a long way around it is because deposits can take quite a while to show up and feescan be high. Furthermore you will also have to pay fees to the neteller and William Hill also they only let you withdraw back to neteller . Another downside to this method is that you cannot withdraw any winnings back to your wallet. William Hill will only allow you to withdraw winnings back to neteller . neteller themselves also don’t allowcrypto withdrawls so they will have to be withdrawn back to your bank which requires lots of verification procedures for example you will need to send both neteller  and William Hill a copy of your passport agency goes.

Option three

Localbitcoins allow you to sell bitcoin in exchange for PayPal or a UK bank transfer. You can then use these funds to deposit to William Hill. If you have funds in your PayPal account this can be used at William Hill or any other major UK based sports casino.

As you can see the last two options arent ideal as is very time-consuming and cost a lot these. Also since the price of bitcoin is constantly fluctuation you may end up worse of in the end.

Depositing with Bitcoin at Bet365

Bet365 are one of the biggest sports books in the world. They offer their services to millions of active players worldwide and have gained a reputation as being one of the firmest and most honest casinos and sports books in the industry.

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Bitcoin is a decentralised currency which users love as it charges very tiny amounts of commission and it’s easy to send between friends or family semi-anonymously.



Bet365 Bitcoin

Did you know it’s possible to deposit to your bet365 account using Bitcoin? although bet365 don’t directly accept Bitcoin deposits it’s entirely possible to send money from your Bitcoin wallet to your bet365 wallet.

First of all you should be aware deposit times with bitcoin can be slower then traditional deposit methods, this is due to the fact that sites require transaction verification, if you are a new account holder they may also choose to verify your deposits manually. Again this takes more time. My recommendation is to use a dedicated bitcoin casino or sportsbook if you really want to deposit with bitcoin or other crypto. As such I highly suggest checking out cloudbet at  the top of this page. Since they are dedicated bitcoin sites you can deposit quickly and easily with bitcoin using just an email address. Furthermore you can withdraw any winnings directly back to your bitcoin wallet. Unlike the method below which requires withdrawing any funds back to your neteller wallet.


First of all you need to open a neteller account. This is completely free to do and is available in almost all countries worldwide. However, it is not available in the USA unfortunately. A neteller account is simply a virtual wallet and works in a similar way as PayPal. It is completely secure and your details are encrypted. Neteller is basically the PayPal of the gambling world as  it allows you to send and receive funds to almost every single gambling site on the planet. If you do not have one and you like to place bets online you really need to think about getting one anyway. You are charged fees for every withdrawal you make from neteller and you can even get a MasterCard debit card to withdraw funds straight from your neteller account to an ATM.

Once you have your neteller account setup simply login and click on the deposit link. Here you should see Bitcoin as a deposit option. Then simply send your Bitcoin funds to the address listed.

Bet365 Deposit

Now you can go to bet365 and make a deposit using neteller. If you don’t have a bet365 account it’s quick and easy to set up. You can then go to the banking options of the cashier where you will notice a neteller option. Enter your email and pin and click submit and your deposit should go through. Just remember you may need to validate your account when depositng with neteller if bet365 were unable to verify it automatically. This is the same procedure you went through to verify your neteller account. To avoid this and deposit directly with bitcoin checkout cloudbet at the top of this page

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Although you can’t directly withdraw to Bitcoin wallets either from bet365 or neteller you can use a service similar to local Bitcoin in order to transfer money from neteller or PayPal to a individual user who will then send you Bitcoin’s.

Type of Bitcoin Betting

Since the inception of Bitcoin it has grown rapidly as a method of allowing previously and betters to make wages online. Customers in places like the USA where it is much more difficult for customers to deposit funds to a betting site suddenly have access to a huge range of sport betting websites.

There are many different betting sites which accept Bitcoin. The main being your standard online casino offering table games such as blackjack, roulette, video poker and slots. These are by far the most common type of betting site as they are easy to set up and almost completely automated when it comes to running. Depositing and withdrawing is all done simply by sending its coins to a dedicated wallet set up for you. Withdrawals are also instant and go straight back to your Bitcoin wallet.

Poker has also become much more popular, especially since big poker rooms pulled out of the American market several years ago. One of the most popular poker rooms that accept Bitcoin is called seals with clubs. They had a reputation of being provably fair with a tiny amount of house rates taken the hand, especially when compared to big sites like poker stars. They even run weekly tournaments with big cash prizes up for grabs as well as sign up bonuses for new players. Since the USA is a huge poker loving country it is no surprise that they have welcomed this poker room with open arms. However around one year ago this site was taken down due to concerns from its owner but recently reappeared under new management.

The other main type of Bitcoin betting is with sports books. These sites allow you to place wagers on major sporting events around the world. You will often find the sites much lower house edges than traditional bookmakers, therefore giving you much better odds on your standard betting markets.

These are the most popular types of betting sites but more frequently lottery type sites of appeal as these are much easier to make provably fair to its players, players will pick a number between one and a hundred and if they match that with the loss number of the hash address when they win a prize at almost a hundred to one.

In the future we will see more legitimate betting sites starting to accept Bitcoin, last year we even saw online wallet system neteller starting to accept Bitcoin deposits and it is rumoured that online poker joint poker stars will also accept crypto coins in the near future.

Are they safe?

When playing at a Bitcoin casino there are several things you should take into consideration.

First of all check their reputation on sites like Reddit and Bitcoin talk, a search for the brand name should bring up at least a few results from happy players. It’s all too easy for a casino to run off with your money so even if they have a great reputation you should always check that they are active on social media sites. Reddit is a good source as its frequently updated and the people that post on Reddit are very technical savvy.

Never keep money on a casinos site, when you have finished playing withdrawal all the money in your account but your wallet. There is no reason why these payments should not be processed instantly, unless you have an active bonus. Since there are no fees involved when withdrawing money is always safer to keep money on your own wallet while then a casinos. You never know if I casino will go out of business overnight, especially a Bitcoin one. Also with the amount of government interference you never know if a site will get pulled down by the American government.

Each site should post their game statistics including details on how games, is determined. They should be able to prove that the scheme is 100% there in the way they determine how much more how little you when. This can be done by using random number generators on the client computer or something random like your Bitcoin hash address.

Many sites also show incoming transactions, these can be faked on the homepage of a website but dig deeper into the transactions, make sure they are legitimate and recent. Any site which makes the amounts of incoming transactions is obviously a red flag. Most sites will also display recent winners, course these can easily be faked to. So clicking through on the latest winners should display some evidence that they have been paid out.

Just because a casino is powered by Bitcoin does not mean there aren’t real people behind it. If you are depositing money anywhere you want to be assured of good customer service, so always see how they handle support requests either by emailing them or contacting them on social media. Any casino in a world should have a social media presence nowadays. See how they interact with other customers and also check to see if they have fake followers or they have purchased likes on Facebook. This is a surefire sign that they are not a legitimate company.

What are Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin casinos are becoming rapidly more popular throughout the world, though the majority of its popularity comes from players in the USA. Bitcoin is a decentralised currency system which allows people to anonymously transfer and send money to anyone anywhere in the world with very little fees. Due to the lack of regulation and government control Bitcoin’s become increasingly more popular as a payment method for underline gambling sites.

Due to the lack of government interference and regulation almost anyone can set up a Bitcoin casino and start accepting payments almost instantly, therefore it is essential you do your research on where you play. There have been many scams over the years and lots of casinos running off with players money. This website only lists legitimate highly reviewed casinos which I have personally played and deposited Bitcoin’s at.

Signing up to a casino is very easy, simply visit the links on this website and you can either create accounts using your own personal details or creates an account using fake information. You can then deposit Bitcoin is by sending them to the unique address like you would anyone else. Since very few mainstream casinos except Bitcoin casinos have been forced to create their own games as such you will see lots of unique slot games at Bitcoin casinos. Any legitimate bitcoin casino will happily show you how they determine whether a player is a winner or not. For example, a casino uses a unique random string to determine the outcome of any game, in order to prove his fairness casinos use a publicly displayed random string or using a unique string from your own browser. Other casinos use your transaction address to determine whether or not you have one, for example many Bitcoin lotteries use the unique hash address to determine winning numbers.

Almost all bitcoin casinos show you how much they give back to the player as a percentage. Since their overheads are much less then traditional casinos they offer much better value in terms of payout percentage. A traditional casino may offer games which pay back 95% whereas a Bitcoin casino pays around 98 to 99%. Almost all Bitcoin casinos pay you a signup bonus when you join for the first time, this is in the form of a 100% match on whatever you deposit. You then need to hit set wagering requirements to unlock your bonus. Anything left over once you have completed wagering is yours to keep.