Deposit to Ladbrokes using Bitcoin

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Who are ladbrokes?

Ladbrokes have been around in the UK for over 100 years, they are one of the most popular online casino and sportsbook but they started of life on the British high street. At the moment they have 1,000s of sports betting shops up and down the country in almost every town center! Ladbrokes offer a full range of sports betting from football to golf. But the most popular product is probably their online casino. Offer games from slots to the more traditional games of roulette and blackjack. Welcome bonuses vary depending on which part of the site you signup to but whether you take a bonus or not you will be guaranteed a fair gaming experience!

What is Bitcoin?

No one is entirely sure who invented bitcoin but it has taken the internet and financial industry by storm. It started of life as a financial transaction provider when someone used it to buy pizza at a rate of less than 10c per bitcoin. Nowadays it’s been worth as much as $20,000 and has made many people very rich. It is a peer to peer currency which means you can send and receive funds from anyone in the world within seconds using a digital wallet. It’s easy to create your wallet and there are many apps and software solutions out there, just make sure to do your research!

Buying Bitcoin

This process can seem overwhelming for first time bitcoin buyers. First of all you need to find an exchange you feel comfortable on. Do your research and find a fully reputable exchange in your country that is legal and can take your payment method. I don’t recommend any one exchange on this site as they are constantly closing and it’s imperative that you find one that works for you!

Once you have found an exchange you wish to use and have made your purchase of bitcoin you must MUST make sure you withdraw bitcoin from the exchange, never EVER leave bitcoin on an exchange as not only is this a  security risk (i.e. if someone hacks your account you will lose all your bitcoin) but many exchanges have done an exit scam in which they claim bankruptcy and run of with peoples funds

Getting bitcoin to Ladbrokes

First of all you need to signup to neteller, this is an online wallet system similar to paypal but made for gambling sites. Once you have a neteller account it can be funded with bitcoin! Then the next step is simply to login to your ladbrokes account and deposit using the funds in your neteller account. There are ofcourse some restrictions for example neteller don’t allow users from certain countries such as the USA