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Click here to Visit Nitrogen Sports started out as a sportsbook odds site but has recently expanded into poker and blackjack, with dice game and a lucky 7 jackpot – the favourites of the casino. As one of the largest and well-known bitcoin gambling sites, offers you the security of an experienced casino site. Although there have been some concerns over pay outs to players and the potential to feel scammed, in fact, this site offers a relatively safe have n for bitcoin gamblers.
The gaming interface is a strength of the site. Although the games offer nothing new or unique, the gameplay is smooth. It is easy to transition between one area of the site to the other and the process of placing bets is simple and easy for beginners. This is a site that values function over flair – so there is nothing special about the visuals either – but you can be sure of a seamless gaming experience with few, if any, glitches.

Click here to Visit Nitrogen Sports

The games offered are your standard casino fair. There is Nitrogen Dive – which allows players to bet high or low on the roll of a dice. The game is a little basic and there is no auto-bet feature – which means you have to click for every roll of the dice. Nitrogen Poker is also pretty much as you would expect. There are tournaments for players interested in a no limit Hold ‘Em and Omaha Poker. Unskilled players have their own rooms, so they can socialise and learn the ropes in a low stakes environment. If you want to know the popularity of the poker in this online casino then you just need to learn that it holds the record for the largest Bitcoin tournament ever held. A major criticism of the poker is that multi-tabling is almost impossible – as the game is built into the browser – therefore you cannot jump between tables to see if there are better opportunities elsewhere.

For those looking to enjoy a casino experience without massive sign up commitments, then is an excellent option. Registration to the site can be done in a couple of clicks – without any demand for personal information. You can deposit to the site quickly and withdrawals are close on instant. Beware, as with all casino sites, if your betting pattern is extreme or unusual there may be a delay while the site investigates – this is where a lot of the concerns have been raised about this casino but realistically it would be the same in standard currency casinos too.
If you want to secure your account there is the option for a two-step authentication – which gives maximum security for your bitcoin. There is also the ethical employment of self-exclusion from areas of the site to prevent gambling problems. This demonstrates this casino’s serious commitment to be a respectable, responsible online gaming area.
In short, comes out as one of the better online gaming casinos for Bitcoin. However, if you are used to standard online casinos you might find some of the choice of games and the gameplay a little limited.