Review of (Sportsbook)

There is no doubting that when you visit the Sportsbook site that you are entering a world where bitcoin is preferred. It is mentioned everywhere on the site – to the point you feel kinda guilty if you use traditional currency. This obsession with Bitcoin aside, is the biggest and the most experienced Sportsbook site out there. You are left in no doubt of this when you see the stylish and modern site that is aimed at easing navigation and maximising the betting experience.
All the major sports are covered on the site. There is football, golf and basketball – as well as a few more lesser known sports such as darts and handball. There are endless betting options – vague leagues from random nations and tournaments only a few will follow. This shows the depth of choice available to those who use his site.
There are also plenty of betting options to spice up your experience of using a Sportsbook site. You can go for a straight bet on a win or loss or you can spread your bets. There are totals, futures and live in-game bets too. A major downside to the site is the lack of special events hosted by the site. There is a massive focus just on sport – which maybe misses out of some more unique and interesting bets for its users. However, Nitrogen Sport excels in the arena of esports. You can bet on Dota 2, CS: GO, Starcraft and LoL. There are also markets for Warcraft 3, League of Legends and World of Tanks. This is a section of the site that you sense will continue to grow and you would be mad not to want to give it a go.

Another criticism people lay against the site is the lack of bonuses and promotions. It seems the site is more than happy to offer depth of choice in terms of sport but not in terms of experience. There is a parlay jackpot offered to the top seven players in the available pools. Some might see this as an openly cynical attempt to get people to bet without limits. There are no restrictions placed on the number of bets – though nor is there on the number of winners either. This means that compulsive betting gets mighty easy.
Who does Nitrogen Sport suit best? It suits those that sports purists. If you know the number of corners kicked by the number 10 in a league in Costa Rica – then you are likely to love this site. It rewards those who know odd details about sports. However, it does not suit those that like betting events and special offers – which is a shame – as this is more likely to get the interactive chat to really kick off on the site.
In short, this site is one of the best Sportsbook sites that is driving to be the most modern available. The option to use Bitcoin could really attract that audience that want to bet with anonymity and no limits.