Type of Bitcoin Betting

Since the inception of Bitcoin it has grown rapidly as a method of allowing previously and betters to make wages online. Customers in places like the USA where it is much more difficult for customers to deposit funds to a betting site suddenly have access to a huge range of sport betting websites.

There are many different betting sites which accept Bitcoin. The main being your standard online casino offering table games such as blackjack, roulette, video poker and slots. These are by far the most common type of betting site as they are easy to set up and almost completely automated when it comes to running. Depositing and withdrawing is all done simply by sending its coins to a dedicated wallet set up for you. Withdrawals are also instant and go straight back to your Bitcoin wallet.

Poker has also become much more popular, especially since big poker rooms pulled out of the American market several years ago. One of the most popular poker rooms that accept Bitcoin is called seals with clubs. They had a reputation of being provably fair with a tiny amount of house rates taken the hand, especially when compared to big sites like poker stars. They even run weekly tournaments with big cash prizes up for grabs as well as sign up bonuses for new players. Since the USA is a huge poker loving country it is no surprise that they have welcomed this poker room with open arms. However around one year ago this site was taken down due to concerns from its owner but recently reappeared under new management.

The other main type of Bitcoin betting is with sports books. These sites allow you to place wagers on major sporting events around the world. You will often find the sites much lower house edges than traditional bookmakers, therefore giving you much better odds on your standard betting markets.

These are the most popular types of betting sites but more frequently lottery type sites of appeal as these are much easier to make provably fair to its players, players will pick a number between one and a hundred and if they match that with the loss number of the hash address when they win a prize at almost a hundred to one.

In the future we will see more legitimate betting sites starting to accept Bitcoin, last year we even saw online wallet system neteller starting to accept Bitcoin deposits and it is rumoured that online poker joint poker stars will also accept crypto coins in the near future.