What are Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin casinos are becoming rapidly more popular throughout the world, though the majority of its popularity comes from players in the USA. Bitcoin is a decentralised currency system which allows people to anonymously transfer and send money to anyone anywhere in the world with very little fees. Due to the lack of regulation and government control Bitcoin’s become increasingly more popular as a payment method for underline gambling sites.

Due to the lack of government interference and regulation almost anyone can set up a Bitcoin casino and start accepting payments almost instantly, therefore it is essential you do your research on where you play. There have been many scams over the years and lots of casinos running off with players money. This website only lists legitimate highly reviewed casinos which I have personally played and deposited Bitcoin’s at.

Signing up to a casino is very easy, simply visit the links on this website and you can either create accounts using your own personal details or creates an account using fake information. You can then deposit Bitcoin is by sending them to the unique address like you would anyone else. Since very few mainstream casinos except Bitcoin casinos have been forced to create their own games as such you will see lots of unique slot games at Bitcoin casinos. Any legitimate bitcoin casino will happily show you how they determine whether a player is a winner or not. For example, a casino uses a unique random string to determine the outcome of any game, in order to prove his fairness casinos use a publicly displayed random string or using a unique string from your own browser. Other casinos use your transaction address to determine whether or not you have one, for example many Bitcoin lotteries use the unique hash address to determine winning numbers.

Almost all bitcoin casinos show you how much they give back to the player as a percentage. Since their overheads are much less then traditional casinos they offer much better value in terms of payout percentage. A traditional casino may offer games which pay back 95% whereas a Bitcoin casino pays around 98 to 99%. Almost all Bitcoin casinos pay you a signup bonus when you join for the first time, this is in the form of a 100% match on whatever you deposit. You then need to hit set wagering requirements to unlock your bonus. Anything left over once you have completed wagering is yours to keep.